About UsWe’re a team of Designers, Investors, Developers,
Creatives, and Property Enthusiasts.

We share a passion for helping people.

I Am Developer is a property consultancy and architectural studio that uses our knowledge of the unitary plan and our own personal development experience to unlock the potential and value in property.


Thomas Ward

[email protected]

B.A.S, M.Arch (Prof) Hons.

Often spotted wearing a button-up shirt and munching peanut butter on toast, Thomas is one of I Am Developer’s founding Directors. His hunger for good design and medium-density housing comes from a potent blend of architectural training and hands-on experience. Come in for a slice of toast and a chat about how we can help you with your future development.


Jessica Driver

[email protected]


Jess is half founding director, half real estate guru, and somehow considers a decaf with hazelnut milk a real coffee. You’ll find her sniffing out a good deal, supporting other women in property or on the end of a paintbrush with her daughter, Flossie.


Ella Hope

[email protected]


It’s said our marvellous creator can look around corners to see ideas. Ella’s seamless creativity is the golden thread that binds our work, vision and words together. And if this wasn’t enough to keep her busy, you can find her at the theatre juggling her writing and acting skills.


Ben Connor

[email protected]

B.A.S. M.Arch (Prof)

Ben is our Project Lead and residential architecture expert. Big houses, small houses, lots of houses, individual houses, all of the houses, he loves houses. Around the festive season, he also moonlights at Santa’s workshop creating plywood Christmas decorations with wife.


Nafis Rashid

[email protected]


Nafis is the director of Blueprint Planning, with considerable experience as an ex-local government planner for Auckland Council and in the United Kingdom. He specialises in streamlining the land use/development approvals process by ensuring sufficient documentation is prepared to increase outcome certainty and shorten approval time.


Tane Pamatatau

[email protected]


Our resident deep thinker is a third-year architecture student who already holds a philosophy degree. Tane’s critical eye sharpens our thought processes and designs by always challenging convention (and always asking why. I mean, ALWAYS).